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My Biography

My name is Ronen, which means 'singing' in Hebrew (though singing is not my primary talent). I was born in Tel Aviv, grew up near Haifa and in the U. S., and have been living in Germany for the past ten years. Growing up, my family loved to travel, and I was always the one who'd research the destinations in advance and guide the rest of the family once we got there (so when I told my father I started working as a tour guide, he wasn't surprised).

Aside from guiding tours I am also a writer and a translator; I've published a novel and a poem collection in Hebrew and translated numerous literary works, film scripts and Lonely Planet guidebooks. Recently I've graduated into writing my own guidebooks (in Hebrew, for the time being); I've written guides to Austria, the Black Forest area of Germany, and, of course, Berlin.

I have a Master's in History and Philosophy of Science and Ideas from the University of Tel Aviv and have taught mathematics, history and creative writing before becoming a tour guide in 2010.

Since then, I've guided group and individual tours  in Berlin, Potsdam, Dresden, Hamburg and more, working with Insider Tours and Gablinger Tours before focusing on the individual market as an independent freelance guide. I am also a member of the Berlin Tour Guide Association (BBS).

If you want to know more about me, visit my Wikipedia Page - or just ask me when we're touring together.

The guide in action
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