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Online Talks and Virtual Tours

In order to reach out to everyone who can't come to Germany now (whether you're staying home or just wary of getting on a plane), I'm offering a series of live online talks and experiences to bring Berlin and Germany to your home. All talks will take place via Zoom, integrating on-site video clips, historical images, contemporary music and time for your questions. 

To learn more, watch my "Live Online Talks" video, e-mail me or use the online form.

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Berlin's Jewish Women

The story of Berlin's vibrant Jewish community is often told through men like Mendelssohn, Geiger and Einstein, hiding the role of brave, groundbreaking women who defied their twice-marginalized status to go further than anyone gave them credit for. From the vivacious Salon hostesses of the 1790s to the Bohemian poets and Cabaret stars of the Weimar Era, Berlin's Jewish women left their mark - and it's time for us to see, 

Duration: 45 min + 15 min Q & A

Note: Can be extended to 75-90 min

Beyond Cabaret

The Weimar Period was Berlin's version of The Roaring 20's - a time when military defeat and financial crisis drove many to escape into a never-ending party that defied any norm or expectations. Depicted in films like Cabaret and in TV series such as Babylon Berlin, this was a time of stunning openness and deep depravity, a period when avantgarde entertainers took center stage and contradictory passions lived side by side.

Duration: 45 min + 15 min Q & A

Note: Recommended for adults only.

Covid-19 in Germany

In March, Germany found itself in a predicament, having to protect its urban, aging population from outbreaks less than 300 miles away (with open borders to boot). Yet despite this unenviable starting point, Germany outperformed all major European powers, kept mortality at bay and re-opened its economy in the summer. How did the Germans do it? Where did they fail in the winter? And what can we learn from their experience?

Duration: 45 min + 30 min Q & A

Note: Extended version possible

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Coming Soon!

Within the next few months I'll be adding more online talks  - including a special talk on Jewish Berlin for teenagers and young adults, an overview of  Jewish Intellectuals in Berlin, the city's Classical Music heritage and its History of Commemoration, as well as virtual tours in the hip district of Schöneberg and the old town of Spandau, ventures into the general history of Germany and much more.... stay tuned!

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