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Berlin with Kids

Contrary to popular opinion, Berlin is a great destination for families. True, there is no Disneyland or Europa Park in its immediate vicinity, but kids will love Berlin's zoos and aquariums, museums of science and technology, chocolate shops and nature areas, not to mention the fascinating stories that go with them. Most of the tours I offer can be adapted for families, but in my experience, kids most enjoy the Essential Berlin, Imperial Berlin, Along the Wall, Potsdam, and Dresden tours. In addition, I offer three special tours for families with children (below) and you can, of course, create a personalized tour all your own.

Parks & Palaces

Follow the local  royal family through its hunting grounds and palace gardens and hear stories of queens and kings, battles and symbols, as well as daily life in and around the palace. Includes: Tiergarten, Charlottenburg Palace and more.

Duration: 5 hours

Note: On Saturday and Sunday, could include a break at a flea market.

Family Bike Tour

Biking is a great way to see Berlin and spend some extra energy on a day out. The city is criss-crossed by bike lanes, on main streets as well as in its lush parks, and bikes are a primary form of transportation here. The tour may follow one of several routes, depending on your preferences and cycling prowess.

Duration: 4-7 hours

Note: I can arrange bike rentals, but you may also do it on your own.

Peacock Island & Glienicke

Visit the private grounds of the royal Hohenzollern family in the leafy outskirts of Berlin - the picturesque Pfaueninsel, where peacocks roam free mock-medieval castles dot the landscape, and the eclectic gardens of Glienicke Palace.

Duration: 6-7 hours

Note: Tour can be separated into two different 3-4 hour tours, or combined with a Potsdam Tour.

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