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Berlin for Berliners

Discover your city from a whole new perspective through unique, exciting tour experiences designed for the whole family. Biking through parks and palaces, exploring side streets and hidden gems, getting a fresh look on themes like Jewish Berlin or Friedrich the Great - these are just some of the adventures you can choose. Even if you've lived in Berlin for years, let me show what's hidden under the surface. It's a fun, outdoor activity for kids, teenagers and adults, and an entertaining way to learn new things about your Berlin.

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Tiergarten Family Bike Tour

Stories about mythological warriors, princely hunts, royal weddings and lamplighters abound in Berlin's central park, the Tiergarten. Join me for a relaxing ride through all this greenery, exploring little-known vistas and attractions in the heart of the city. The tour is intended for kids that can manage about 8 km (5 miles) on a bike, as well as their parents (you'd be surprised how much you don't know about the park)

Duration: 3 hours

Ages: 5-13

Beyond Cabaret

The Weimar era was Berlin's version of the roaring 20's - a time when military defeat and financial crisis drove many to escape into a never-ending party that defied any norm or expectations. Depicted in films like Cabaret and TV shows like Babylon Berlin, this was a time of stunning openness and deep depravity,  when the avantgarde took center stage and contradictory passions lived side by side.

Duration: 2-3 hours

Ages: 16 and up

Jewish berlin for Young People

One came to the city at 14 without money for shoes. Another hosted famous poets in her salon at the same age. Others ventured into performance art, used lies and trickery to survive, or traveled alone to foreign land. All were young, Jewish and full of hope, and their stories are part of what makes Berlin unique.

Duration: 3 hours

Ages: 11 and up

More Tours Coming Soon!

Within the next weeks I'll be adding more tour offers - from Jewish Intellectuals in Berlin to the city's Classical Music heritage and its History of Commemoration, as well as neighbirhood tours in the hip district of Schöneberg, the old town of Spandau and the lavish villas of Southwestern Berlin... Stay tuned!

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Berlin for Berliners

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