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Personalized Tours

What you want, when and where you want it.  A personalized tour is just that - a tour created especially for you, taking your personal preferences into account and planning a route to satisfy your needs. Such tours may also:

  • Combine elements from two or more basic tours, in case you're interested in several themes but can spend only a limited time touring;

  • Cover a lesser-known area of Berlin - a specific neighborhood in which you are searching for your roots or something "off the beaten track" for residents of Berlin or repeat visitors;

  • Focus on a specific, personally chosen theme (Gay Berlin? Women in city history?) or follow a book or a film set in the city;

  • Explore one or more of Berlin's many museums (such as the Jewish Museum or the Pergamon)

To plan a personalized tour, contact me and we'll work out the details. Note that because of the additional research that may be required, an extra fee may be charged for a personalized tour.

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