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Frequently Asked Questions

What would you like to know?

About the tours

How long are the tours?

My tours are 3-10 hour long, depending on the tour as well as your time and budget. The recommended length for each tour appears below the tour description. If needed, it may  be possible (though not recommended) to shorten the tour by focusing only on the highlights.

How much will it cost?

Premium private tours are not cheap, but every tour is different, and prices vary according to the type of tour, time of year, number of travelers and other factors. Contact me for details.

The price of the tour does not include entry fees to museums and other site or a car and driver if you'd like to book them. Tours which are shorter than three hours would usually be priced as three-hour tours.

How will we be traveling?

Generally, I suggest a combination of walking and public transport. I feel that the best way to know the city is to walk and use Berlin's wonderful public transportation system, which may sometimes be much faster than using a car. There are, however, some tours (as noted in the descriptions), in which personal transport may allow us to cover more ground.

If you'd like to tour by car, I can arrange a car and driver at a reasonable price. I do not drive clients myself; I believe that everyone has a job to do, and having a tour guide double as a driver impairs the quality of both the guiding and the driving.

What about breaks for coffee or lunch?

As these are private tours, you choose if and when to sit down for a break. I usually plan  no breaks in a 3-hour tour, one coffee break on tours which are 4-5 hours long and two breaks (including, possibly, a lunch break) on 6- or 7- hour tour.

Can you guide in Wannsee Villa/Sanssouci Palace?

Unfortunately no. Both of these sites do not allow external guides, so I am not permitted to guide inside. If you'd like to visit these sites as part of your tour, we can end the tour with a thorough introduction on the site, detailing both the historical background and what you will see inside.

I can and do, however, guide inside the Jewish Museum, Otto Weidt's workshop for the blind, Schloss Cecilienhof (site of the famous Potsdam Conference) and more.

About me

Who are you? Are you a licensed guide in Berlin?

I have six full years of experience as a guide in and around Berlin; You can read more about me and my qualifications here.

The city of Berlin does not require a license to guide in its streets, so technically anyone can do it; I am, however, a member of the Berlin Association of City Guides (BBS), which accepts only experienced guides.

What other services do you offer?

I offer other services only in conjunction with the booking of a private tour. Some are provided free and some - for a modest fee. I could, for instance...

* Arrange airport transfers (car and driver)

* Book tickets to concerts/shows/museums

* Organize visits to the Reichstag or the Reichstag dome

What languages do you speak?

I speak fluent English, Hebrew, German and a bit of Spanish, but i guide only in English or Hebrew.

I can also recommend wonderful guides in several other languages, including French, German, Spanish, Italian and Russian.

Do you also guide groups?

I  guide a lot of organized groups - whether business travelers on a conference, school and college classes, synagogue trips or any other sort of group. If you're interested, contact me so we can work out the best program for you.

Can we join a group tour?

No. I guide only private tours or organized groups (see above), and cannot add other clients to these tours. if you're looking for a group tour at affordable prices, check out Insider Tour.

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