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Berlin's Newest Concert Hall

Well, after months of construction on Französische Straße in the center of Berlin, the main building of the Barenboim-Said is finally finished - and in it, Berlin's newest and flashiest concert hall, the Pierre Boulez Saal, designed by world-famous architect Frank Gehry. Gehry, who'd already left his mark on the city with the magnificent whale-shape auditorium at DZ Bank in Pariser Platz, created a modular hall which can be changed according to the program and used for all sorts of music, from the classical to the contemporary.

The Barnboim-Said Aacdemy, where the hall is located

The new hall joined the famous Berliner Philharmonie in defining Berlin as a city of superb acoustical architecture, and has already gotten some rave reviews in the media, with the Financial Times praising the "sensual listening experience" it provide and Deutsche Welle ranking it as one of the top three concert venues in Berlin.

The Barnboim-Said Academy offers guided tours of the hall, but the ones on the site seems to have all been sold out - so the only way to see this wonderful hall right now is to buy tickets to one of the next performances.

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